Title:           CONTEXT (Active Creation, Delivery and Management of Efficient Context Aware Services)
Funding entity:    European Commission
Duration:      From September 2002 to February 2005
Homepage:        CONTEXT

The main project objective is the specification and design of models and solutions for an efficient provisioning of context-based services making use of active networks on top of fixed and mobile infrastructure. This entails the following objectives:

1)      Mechanisms for the definition, exchange and acquisition of contextual information.

2)      Mechanisms for creating and provisioning context sensitive services.

3)      A policy-based framework for service activation, including configuration of the relevant servers.

4)      The enforcement of monitoring policies for SLA management.

5)      The enhancement of active network technology in order to provide efficient delivery of context based services especially in the mobile network environment.

6)      The specification and development of APIs for network programmability purposes.


Title:           FAIN (Future Active IP Networks)
Funding entity:    European Commission
Duration:      36 Months
Homepage:        FAIN

FAIN aims to develop an open, flexible, programmable and dependable (reliable,secure, and manageable) network architecture based on novel active node concepts. To reach this goal it proposes an innovative integration of active networking, distributed object and mobile agent technology. This facilitates fast changes and smooth integration of new services and network technologies. Based on requirements and use cases FAIN will prototype different active node execution environments in order to support a wide range of aplications. Two classes of active applications will be developed: Policy-based Network Management and Dynamic Provisioning of Protocols. The network architecture will be validated by deploying and exercising interoperable active IP network nodes in a Pan-European testbed with international links. The result of the project will be provided in a form of recommendations and contributions to relevant standard organisations and industrial fora.



Title:           WINMAN(WDM and IP Network MANagement)
Funding entity:    European Commission
Duration:     33 Months
Homepage:        WINMAN

IP is becoming the platform for service convergence leading to all kind of IP applications, each requiring its own QoS level. WDM networks are being rolled out to cope with the explosive demand for transport capacity, being fueled by the tremendous growth of IP traffic. Network evolution scenarios exhibit IP transport directly over WDM at the end. To cope with the ever-increasing complexity of the multi-technology/vendor environment an adequate integrated management solution is required. The project will realise and demonstrate an open, flexible Integrated Management solution offering Configuration, Fault and Performance Management for IP over hybrid transport networks and supporting Service Level Agreements for IP connections. The final result will be an Integrated Network Management System for IP/WDM and Inter-Domain Network Management System for IP over hybrid transport networks (IP, ATM, SDH, WDM). Infrastructure will be setup for validation.



Title:            Desarrollo de Componentes para la Integración de Sistemas de Gestión de Red
Funding entity:    CICYT (TIC97-0952)
Duration:         From August 1997 to August 1999

This project is intended for developing basic building blocs for integrating network management systems which are extensively deployed today because they rely on the SNMP de facto standard, into the context of ITU-T compliant TMN management networks. Specifically, it deals with two Q-Adaptors, the first one intended to integrate an ATM switch at the element management layer and the second one intended to integrate a local area network management system at the network management layer. This project will be carried out in 18 months and it would be co-funded by CITEDI, a research and development center of Mexico.



Title:             MISA (Management of Integrated SDH and ATM Networks)
Funding entity:    European Commision (ACTS project AC080 )
Duration:         From 1995 to 1999
Homepage:        MISA

The overall goal of the MISA projectis to realise and validate via field trials the optimum integrated end-to-end management of SDH and ATM networks in the framework of the Open Network Provision (ONP) environment. The main objectives of the MISA project are: the realisation of the multi-provider, multi-domain co-operative management in the ONP environment for SDH and ATM networks. In particular a new TMN compliant Management Service, called Global Broadband Connectivity Management (GBCM) will de defined enabling the provision of any IBC connection- based services on multi-domain networks; the development, provision and validation of an integrated and optimum end-to-end management system for heterogeneous SDH and ATM networks. The focus will be on Network Management Layer of the TMN; the execution of a field trial using the European network infra- structure based on SDH and ATM technologies, bringing IBC services to end-users. A set of National Hosts (NH) will be involved in the MISA trial.



Title:                     MEPHISTO (Management of Photonic Systems and Networks)
Funding entity:    European Commission (ACTS project AC209)
Duration:         From 1996 to 1999

The main objective of MEPHISTO is to apply the principles of network Management (TMN) to advanced all-optical networks, were wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is exploited for transmission and routing purposes. To this end, the project will develop an innovative and generic information model for operation and management of optical networks and network elements. MEPHISTO will also adapt and develop management software applications to perform fault, configuration, protection, restoration and performance management, according to this new information model. Finally, MEPHISTO will demonstrate and assess its information model both in an optical network emulation software platform and in hardware  prototypes of an optical WDM ring network.


Title:            Sistema de Gestión de  Centros de Conmutación desprovistos de Interfaz Q3 en la Red de Gestión de las Telecomunicaciones TMN
Funding entity:    CICYT (TIC95-0406-E)
Duration:         From August 1995 to September 1996

This project is aimed at contributing to the development of the Global Telecommunications Management Network (TMN), focussing the specific objectives in the framework of a subset of management functions of a switching node, the associated operation system, and the communication interface between them. The research will lead to a laboratory demonstrator, based on the most advanced management platforms. Throughout the project execution, it will be necessary to make use of object oriented analysis and programming techniques and information modelling procedures whose application is well beyond the framework of this project specific objectives. In fact, these techniques and procedures can be adopted in most Network Management applications.